Home Buyer Education

One of the many benefits of being an HPI resident is easy access to our Homebuyer Education & Financial Counseling.

Whether you’re renting, looking to buy a home, or just want to improve your credit, we offer a variety of classes to empower you at every step of the way. Download our pamphlet for more information!


Free to HPI Residents

HPI’s housing opportunities are located in a variety of neighborhoods, with both single-family and multi-family housing options, and the ability to rent, buy or lease-to-own your new home. We provide quality, comfortable housing at affordable prices so you can focus on your financial goals and plan your future. And as a resident, you have immediate and free access to our NeighborWorks America HUD-certified Home Buyer Education & Financial Counseling program.

Education & Life Skills

Keeping track of your finances and meeting goals can be a difficult process; sometimes even setting a simple budget and sticking to it is hard! Whatever your needs, our Home Buyer Education and Financial Counseling program will assist you in meeting your short- and long-term goals. Our classes address topics like understanding and building credit, setting short- and long-term financial goals, securing downpayment assistance and finding the right mortgage, finding the right real estate agent, understanding property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and home warranties, and building housing wealth to secure your future.

One-on-One Financial Counseling

Our HUD-certified counselors work with residents one-on-one to develop specific action plans centered on an individual’s needs and future goals. This confidential financial coaching helps residents to improve their credit, create options, and improve housing choices based on long-term goals. Residents have access to programs to improve their credit score just by paying rent!

Program Adaptability

Our Home Buyer Education & Financial Counseling program works with you to reach your goals at your own pace and in your own time. The future is hard to predict, and we are with you every step of the way- when you want us to be!

Community Connections

We connect you to a wide network of industry professionals from local community mortgage lenders and realtors to closing attorneys and insurance agents to assist you along your path. Many of these professionals assist us with our classes and offer their knowledge to better prepare you in planning your future.

Want more opportunities! Check out our Working Your Way Home Downpayment Assistance program.

Resident Interest Form

Questions? We have answers.

 How do I qualify?

If you are an HPI resident or plan to buy one of our homes, you will have immediate access to our program free of charge. Contact us today to sign up!

HPI also works with Employer Assisted Housing Programs with local employers, such as Norton and Facility Management Services. If your company is interested in setting up a program with The Housing Partnership, Inc., please contact us at 502-585-5451.

 Can you help me improve my credit?

Yes, we can! We’ve launched a new program with Zego to help you improve your credit history. With this new program, Zego will report your payments to major credit agencies every month. Unlike other renting options, your rent payments will work toward building your credit score. Additionally, our goal is to improve your credit. Our HUD-certified counselors will work with you one-on-one to review, advise and set goals for improving your credit score.

 Can you help me find downpayment assistance?

Many of HPI’s homes for sale have downpayment assistance tied to the house. Additionally, HPI works with local banks to secure downpayment assistance where possible. We will work with you to secure this funding when you’re ready to buy!

What classes do you offer?

Some of the topics our classes will cover include:

  • Building Credit & Budgeting for the Future
  • Setting Short & Long Term Financial Goals
  • Securing Downpayment Assistance & Finding the Right Mortgage
  • Navigating Realtors and Home Inspections
  • Understanding Escrows: Property Taxes & Home Owners Insurance
  • Home Warranties & Budgeting for Home Maintenance
  • Creating & Building Housing Wealth