Working Your Way Home Grant Opportunities
Employer Assisted Housing Program

Affordable Housing is not an issue with a one size fits all solution. At HPI, we come up with multiple solutions and partner with affiliated nonprofits and businesses to meet the needs of individuals and families seeking affordable homeownership.

Working Your Way Home is a program that works with employers to provide homeownership opportunities to hard-working employees. Through a matching grant program, employees work with our nationally recognized HUD-certified Homebuyer Education & Financial Counseling program to become mortgage-ready. Upon completion of the program, participants receive a grant for downpayment assistance through LHOME, a local CDFI, and their employer. Grant monies were made available through Access Ventures.

Witnessing someone own their first home is a powerful and rewarding moment!

Employers who are interested in offering this opportunity to their employees may contact Lisa Gritton, Director of Property Management, at (502) 272-2269.