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upcoming hoa meetings

Sunset Gardens HOA Meetings Dates: Thursday, February, 16h 2016 from 7-8PM Location: The Housing Partnership, Inc. 1512 Crums Lane, Ste 401, Louisville, KY, 40216 RSVP: Email Landen Burcham if you plan to attend

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homeowner associations (hoa)

hoa_sunsetThe premise of HPI’s Homeowner Associations is to enable the residents of HPI communities to organize and to empower the neighborhood to unite. Regular Homeowner Association (HOA) Meetings are scheduled on a quarterly basis and all homeowners are encouraged to participate.

hoa fees

Pay your HOA fees online!

  • Accepted file types: pdf.
To pay your HOA fees by mail, please make checks payable to Sunset Gardens Home Owners Association and mail it to: The Housing Partnership, Inc. 1512 Crums Lane Suite 401 Louisville, KY 40216 Each member of a homeowners’ association pays assessments that are used to cover the expense of the development. These expenses are reviewed annually and assessments are determined and may be adjusted from year to year and cover expenses for;

  1. Landscaping for the common areas
  2. Maintenance and upkeep of the subdivision’s amenities (if applicable)
  3. Insurance for commonly owned structures and/or areas
  4. Mailing costs for newsletters and/or other correspondence
  5. LG&E (electric) costs for street lamps

** This list does NOT include special assessment**

Additional Neighborhood Resources

Covenants, Codes, and Restrictions (CC&Rs)

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Neighborhood Site Plans

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Fawn Lakes Site Plan Section 3A

Sunset Gardens Site Plan

HOA Meeting Minutes

SG HOA minutes 1 14 15

FL HOA minutes 1 22 15

FL HOA minutes 9 17 15


Neighborhood Safety Notice

Homeowner Contact Form

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