real estate development

HPI was ‘Green’ before Green was cool (or mandated by funding agencies).  We strive to be good steward of our communities and plant.  HPI has designated Green Officer that analyzes and implements systems through our company and development.  Philosophically, we start with the preference to work within existing urban fabrics.  HPI is conscious about building systems, and building performance and how this affects the quality of life or our residents.  Many of our buildings are certified including: LEED Silver and Energy Star.  While third-party designations are meaningful, we are practical about investing in technologies and equipment to maximize positive outcomes for residents.

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  • Financial Consulting, including some non-traditional funding sources, such as Tax-Credit Programs, Grants at or below market rate loans from Federal Home Loan Bank, State and Local government funds and private foundation funds.
  • Strategic Planning and Project Design
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  • Construction Management
  • Construction Cost Estimation
  • Home Ownership Association Training
  • Tenant Purchasing and Deal Structuring

As the economy continues to fluxuate and change, we have gained expertise in several niche construction areas, including New Construction, Adaptive Reuse, Multi-Family and Single-Family construction, Historic Preservations and Green Building Practices.

new construction projects


Partnered with: Kentucky Domestic Violence Association (KDVA)
Project Name: KDVA 

Project Type: New Construction

Total Development Cost: $8,801,592
Total Locations: 4 (Morehead, Murray, Paducah and Louisville, KY)
Total Units: 48
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historic preservation projects


Partnered with: Catholic Charities
Project Name: St. Cecilia Senior Housing 

Project Type: Adaptive Reuse / Award-winning Historic Preservation Site

Total Development Cost: $3,826,395
Total Units: 30
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historic preservation projects

RE-C_JacobPartnered with: Jacob’s Villiage, Inc.
Project Name: Jacob’s Village
Project Type: ?

Total Development Cost: $?
Total Units: ?
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StBart_smallPartnered with: Catholic Charities
Project Name: St. Bartholomew Senior Housing
Project Type: Adaptive Reuse / 1st LEED Silver Certified Multi-Family Building in Kentucky!

Total Development Cost: $?
Total Units: 24
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