HPI Residents

Our Mission – To create, sustain and promote access to affordable housing

To Become a Resident: Contact Us @ 502-585-5451

If you are a HPI Resident, you can download the Homeowners Enrollment Application and the Homeowners Enrollment cover sheet below.
Download the Homeowners Enrollment Application.

Download the Homeowner Enrollment coversheet for all necessary documentation needed to go along with your online Homeowners Enrollment Application.

Here are the 5 Steps to complete online application:

1. Download the Homeowners Enrollment Application
2. Fill out the online application completely.
3. Save your completed online application to your laptop, desktop or other electronic device.
4. Print out your completed online application to allow signatures and dates. NOTE: If you have the ability to electronically sign application that is an acceptable option as well.
5. Please return the online application along with all appropriate items from the Homeowner Enrollment coversheet to the HPI Community Resource Center.

There are 3 ways to drop off your completed application and documentation requested:
1. If you are mailing or dropping off your completed application and documentation the address is:
Housing Partnership, Inc
1126 Berry Blvd
Louisville, KY 40215
Office Hours: 9am – 5pm.


2. If Email: housingresources@wearehpi.org or drobinson@wearehpi.org


3. If Fax: 502-585-5568


Once complete application received along with all documentation required, a HPI representative will follow up with you to inform you of the next step within 3 to 5 business days.
If any further questions regarding Homeowner Enrollment please call Desmond Robinson, Housing Opportunities Manager, at 502-882-9143 or drobinson@wearehpi.org.
Please check out our homes for sale and upcoming homes for sale at www.wearehpi.org/your-new-home/homes-for-sale