Operation Victory: Homes for Homeless Heroes

Operation Victory: Homes for Homeless Heroes

HPI and partners are helping to end veteran homelessness— one house at a time.

Operation Victory: Homes for Homeless Heroes is celebrating its second homeowner, an awarded veteran and single mother.

After a collaborative effort by involved community organizations and local businesses, the Operation Victory coalition restored a vacant and dilapidated property, spending more than 1000 volunteered hours and over $60,000 in financial and in-kind support to purchase, rebuild and furnish a home for a homeless hero.

Formed in 2017 by the Greater Louisville Central Labor Council, Operation Victory is a coalition of partnering agencies involving the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), The Housing Partnership, Inc. (HPI), Metro United Way and Habitat for Humanity with the mission to end homelessness among veterans.

HPI secured funding from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund to purchase the dilapidated property and partnered with Habitat for Humanity in providing labor and materials. As a part of the program, the veteran assisted in the reconstruction, working with the coalition to restore the property.

“HPI is proud to be one of the coordinating partners in the coalition that makes a significant impact on those who protect our freedom,” states Andrew Hawes, President of HPI and himself a former veteran.

HPI is currently working with the Kentucky Housing Corporation to secure four additional vacant homes over the next 12 months for rehabilitation. “Veteran homelessness affects us all. These efforts not only provide homes to well deserving individuals, but also revitalizes and betters the larger community,” states Hawes. "We are happy to serve those who have served us."

Operation Victory works with veterans in need of housing, providing the resources needed to end homelessness. If you are a veteran and are interested in applying to the Operation Victory: Homes for Homeless Heroes program, please download the application below.

To follow the activity of Operation Victory: Homes for Homeless Heroes, check out the coalition’s Facebook at www.facebook.com/opvictoryKY/ and Twitter @opvictoryky.