HPI Appointed A Founding Member
in Nationwide Middle Neighborhoods Initiative

HPI works hard to increase affordable homeownership opportunities for Louisvillian families!

In recognition of our efforts, the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) has appointed HPI as one of the founding members in The Homeownership Alliance that will provide the backbone to the nationwide Middle Neighborhoods Initiative. The Homeownership Alliance will focus on legislative and regulatory opportunities to increase funding for affordable homeownership nationwide.

HPI will be one of 21 nationally-recognized organizations that will drive The Middle Neighborhoods Initiative, a nationwide, multi-year initiative ignited by the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) to prevent neighborhood destabilization and blight in middle- and working-class communities.

The initiative brings attention to neighborhoods across the country that have long been stable communities for middle- and working-class individuals and families but are now at risk of disinvestment or displacement from gentrification.

In 2016, HPI launched it’s Beyond 9th Initiative: Revitalizing West Louisville through Strategic Homeownership to work at-scale in the California, Russell, Parkland, Shawnee, and Portland neighborhoods. HPI lowers the cost of entry for homeownership through its NeighborWorks America certified Homebuyer Education & Financial Counseling program and through partnerships with downpayment assistance programs and community mortgage lenders.

At present, HPI has successfully acquired over 330 dilapidated and vacant properties, removing neighborhood blight through quality rehabilitation and construction, for the procurement of affordable homeownership. Since 2016, the Beyond 9th Initiative has provided over 130 individuals and families affordable homeownership. HPI seeks to significantly increase its efforts and impact and is honored to be a part of NCST’s national initiative.

We are well on our way of implementing our vision – creating communities where affordable housing of choice is possible for everyone!

For more information, click here to access NCST’s recent press release.