Become A Resident

One of the many benefits of being an HPI resident is the access to our financial education and counseling.

Whether you’re renting, looking to buy a home, or just want to improve your credit, we offer a variety of classes to empower you at any step of the way.

Benefits to residents:



HPI has housing in different areas around town, with both single-family and multi-family housing options, and the chance to rent, buy, or lease your new home.


Our apartments and homes are clean, well-kept, and safe. We provide quality, comfortable housing at affordable prices so you can focus on your other goals.


Keeping track of your finances and meeting your goals is hard, sometimes even setting financial goals is difficult. Whatever your needs, we can provide classes to help. Some of our classes include credit counseling services, budgeting courses, home-buying and home-owning classes.


Access to a counselor to guide you on your way to your financial goals. Additionally, you will have access to programs to improve your credit score just by paying rent.


We encourage our residents to be involved in their neighborhood. Your voice matters and we want to help you to be heard. If there’s a town council meeting or opportunities to serve your community we will be sure you’re aware and help you find the best way to get engaged

Resident Interest Form

Our Path to Home Ownership Program


 Do I qualify for the PATH program?

If you’re a current HPI resident then you can join.  Contact us to learn more about the classes we offer.

 Can you help me improve my credit?

Yes, we can! We’ve launched a new program with RentTrack to help you improve your credit history. With this new program, RentTrack will report your payments to credit agencies. Unlike other renting options, your rent payments will work toward building your credit score. Learn more about your credit building options.

 How can a counselor help me?

Your personal counselor is there to offer custom financial skills and advice. They’ll get to know you on an individual level to offer support, and best of all, this service is free to HPI Rental Residents.

What classes do you offer?
      • Budget Education
      • Credit Education
      • Pre-Purchase Home Buyer Education
      • Post-Purchase Workshop
      • and more

If you’re not sure which classes are the best fit for you, give us a call.

How much does it cost?

Fees vary depending on the service, but some services are available free of charge. Please contact us to get started.